The Proclaimers, “Letter From America” and Sunshine on Leith (the movie)

Last night we watched the film of the stage show Sunshine on Leith on DVD – Not as good as when viewed at the cinema but still really enjoyed all that great music from The Proclaimers. I think the popularity of the jukebox musical really hit new heights when Mama Mia!, featuring the songs of Abba hit the … Continue reading “The Proclaimers, “Letter From America” and Sunshine on Leith (the movie)”

The Proclaimers, Hibs and “Sunshine On Leith”

Last time I wrote about Elvis Presley, a performer who could only have come from the southern states of America. His accent, his good manners, his songs, all reflected his roots and his “place” in the world, right from the very beginning and throughout his career. In Scotland, we didn’t produce an Elvis Presley but … Continue reading “The Proclaimers, Hibs and “Sunshine On Leith””

Featured Songs M – Z

Here is an alpha list of the songs that feature in my posts. I intended to choose them randomly but pretty soon it became apparent they would choose themselves based on what was happening in the news, in my own life, or indeed the seasons. Sometimes a thread develops however and it’s fun to just run with it until it reaches a natural conclusion. … Continue reading “Featured Songs M – Z”

Months Of The Year In Song: Orange October

Welcome to this second instalment of my new series, where I plan to share songs relating to all 12 months of the year. I didn’t start in January but that’s ok as the months just keep rolling by in a continual loop, or so I thought until last month’s discovery that the calendar year used … Continue reading “Months Of The Year In Song: Orange October”

Five Years Of Blogging, Fun Statistics and Favourite Years

Oh the irony. Back in January 2020, after writing my first post of the year I decided to have a month off, as my blog had lost much of its joie de vivre. I’d decided that in the four years I’d been blogging, the world had gone to hell in a handbasket and although nothing … Continue reading “Five Years Of Blogging, Fun Statistics and Favourite Years”

Thoughts Of The Week, Thin Lizzy and ‘Dancing In The Moonlight (It’s Caught Me In It’s Spotlight)’

I’ve been surprised at how quickly we become acclimatised to the new normal. Just like the grieving process there seems to be a “lockdown process”, and although different for everyone depending on your circumstances, I am currently in a very different place to the one I was in seven weeks ago, possibly because I’ve entered … Continue reading “Thoughts Of The Week, Thin Lizzy and ‘Dancing In The Moonlight (It’s Caught Me In It’s Spotlight)’”

That Final Journey, Gerry Cinnamon and “Belter”

Didn’t intend this to be the third post in what has turned out to be a trilogy, but still in shock over the tragic loss of my friend’s daughter, and on Friday the funeral took place in a church right in the centre of our town. An emotional event as expected, which threw our highly … Continue reading “That Final Journey, Gerry Cinnamon and “Belter””

Capercaillie, “Caledonia” and Letters From America

So far so good with this annual challenge to write seven posts in seven days, but as I was away last weekend, today the garden beckoned. Lots of plants to be bedded in and pots to be filled. I am seriously cream-crackered so this will definitely have to be a shorter post. One of the … Continue reading “Capercaillie, “Caledonia” and Letters From America”

Post 201, Billy Joel and “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)”

Last time I pressed the publish button on this blog I got one of these from the WordPress people. It only took me 10 months to write my first 100 posts, but it’s taken another 17 months to make it to the 200 mark. I couldn’t really have kept up that pace long-term though and … Continue reading “Post 201, Billy Joel and “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)””

Womack & Womack, “Teardrops” and Extended Family Trees

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything new – That would be because I’ve been getting a bit side-tracked around here of late, and some of my recent rants have involved family members, so time to rein it in a bit I think. Getting back to what this blog was always supposed … Continue reading “Womack & Womack, “Teardrops” and Extended Family Trees”