Random or not so Random? 

Whole premise of this blog was essentially a daily (now weekly) writing challenge. I have always loved popular music (and have in the past been a bit of an “anorak” about it all, creating lists and databases) so my plan was to write about the first song I heard when turning on the radio. Just about everything conjures up a memory if it’s an older song, so I thought it would be a random means of reminiscing about the song and of past times.

As it turns out however, not as easy as I thought it would be! Events of the day trump this random approach. In the first 9 days of the blog, three legends from the the world of music and acting died so inevitably I wrote about them, and the songs associated with them. Also once you start to write, a thread develops relating to a particular theme and each post follows on from the last in terms of the thought process. When the end of a thread is logically reached however, it’s time to return to the random approach!

Thread One
11/1/16 – Death of David Bowie prompted me to pick one of his earlier Ziggy Stardust releases.
12/1/16 – Reminded me of that other David Jones who also died in his 60s, my first big crush.
davy jones
13/1/16 – Reminded me of my next big crush, another David (Cassidy)!
14/1/16 – Another 69 year old icon dies, Alan Rickman – wrote about the film he starred
in and the song that spent the whole summer in the charts.
15/1/16 – Reminded me of the other song that spent all summer in the charts!
16/1/16 – Still thinking of David Bowie and remembered the film he appeared in with the great soundtrack by David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto.
End of Thread

17/1/16 – Random pick from the radio.

18/1/16 – Random pick from the radio but prompted me to write about two songs as both from subtitled children’s television shows from the 60s.


Thread Two
19/1/16 – Death of Glenn Frey prompted me to pick an Eagles’ song where he sang lead vocals.
20/1/16 – Reminded me of of some of those other great mid 70s American songs.
24/1/16 – Realised that in 10 days I hadn’t written about any great women artists yet so picked a Madonna song which reminded me of “last dance” songs. Also bought a new turntable!
madonna 2
25/1/16 – Played my parents old 78s on the new turntable so wrote about one of those great “last dance” songs and some of the other American lady singers of the 50s.
25/1/16 – Reminded me of my favourite “last dance” scene from television – Buffy and Angel in “The Prom”!
30/1/16 – Made me think of the other Buffy episode that featured a great song.
31/1/16 – Reminded me that the same song was covered by Art Garfunkel in the 70s which made me think of all the great material he produced in the 60s with Paul Simon.
art 2
3/2/16 – Made me think of Terry Wogan who had died at the weekend, as his most difficult interviewee was often cited as being Anne Bancroft from The Graduate.
6/2/16 – Reminded me of The Eurovision Song Contest which Terry had been part of for years.
End of Thread

Thread Three
6/2/16 – Death of Maurice White prompted me to write about one of his great Earth, Wind and Fire songs.
10/2/16 – Made me think of the kind of music we moved onto after late 70s disco.
13/2/16 – Reminded me of another great “break-up song”.
14/2/16 – Valentine’s Day so wanted to include a beautiful “new-found-love song”, the opposite of the “break-up song”!
bee gees
And so it continues…..

Challenge was to write daily but not really possible on top of work and family, so now posting weekly – Made a game effort at the start of the year however!