Old Photos, Lindisfarne and “Fog on the Tyne”

Some of you who visit this place know that I have been having a few technical issues of late which has hampered my usual blogging activities. And so, yet again, I am trying to restore 15 years’ worth of data back onto my PC and although it is apparently in a virtual “cloud” somewhere, it must be so high up in the stratosphere that at the moment it can’t be easily located.

The amazing thing however is that all sorts of things I had totally forgotten about are descending from the skies and as I have temporarily lost my zest for writing due to the technical issues (“ma heid’s mince” as we say in Scotland), this post will be in pictorial form as it very smoothly follows on from my last one which featured the song Misty by Ray Stevens. Back then C, from the wonderful Sun Dried Sparrows blog, mentioned in the comments boxes that Misty immediately made her think of the song Fog on the Tyne by Lindisfarne. Guess what descended from the cloud this afternoon? – The contents of my late father-in-law’s Digi frame which we must have saved onto the computer after he passed away. No long wordy post therefore, just the pics that tell the story of a young man from Newcastle-upon-Tyne who somehow made his way up to the Highlands of Scotland and whose son I ended up marrying.

The River Tyne and the Tyne Bridge
Earlies 033
A young man who in the 1940s finds himself a job in an office overlooking the Tyne, right in the centre of Newcastle
That same young man has a passion for climbing and heads off on holiday to the Isle of Skye where he meets a lovely young art student from Birmingham
Earlies 023
The young couple fall in love and marry a few years later
Earlies 002
Their love for the Highlands of Scotland means that they move up there to live and have three children who are all given very Scottish names, the youngest of whom becomes Mr WIAA
black and white
They have a long and happy life together but by 2015 both have passed on, leaving three happily married children and three grandchildren
chl8 021
And so it turns out that my daughter is one quarter Geordie – This one is for her therefore, Fog on the Tyne by Lindisfarne from their 1971 album of the same name

Fog on the Tyne by Lindisfarne:

Lindisfarne were a folk-rock hybrid formed in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne of 1969 and were named after the historic Holy Island of Lindisfarne off the Northumbrian coast. The lyrics to their songs blended “wistful sensitivity, social sentiments and boozy revelry”. Fog on the Tyne was the biggest selling album by a British band in 1971.

Lindisfarne in 1971

Fog on the Tyne Lyrics
(Song by Alan Hull)

Sittin’ in a sleazy snack-bar
Suckin’, sickly sausage rolls
Slippin’ down slowly, slippin’ down sideways
Think I’ll sign off the dole

Because the fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine

Could a copper catch a crooked coffin maker
Could a copper comprehend
That a crooked coffin maker is just an undertaker
Who undertakes to be a friend?

And the fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine

Tell it to tomorrow, today will take it’s time
To tell you what tonight will bring
Presently we’ll have a pint or two together
Everybody do their thing

We can swing together, we can have a wee wee
We can have a wet on the wall
If someone slips a whisper that its simple sister
Slapped them down and slavered on their smalls

‘Cause the fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine

Author: Alyson

Whenever I hear an old song on the radio, I am immediately transported back to those days. I know I'm not alone here and want to record those memories for myself and for the people in them. 57 years ago the song "Alfie" was written by my favourite songwriting team, Bacharach and David. The opening line to that song was, "What's it all about?" and I'm hoping by writing this blog, I might find the answer to that question.

2 thoughts on “Old Photos, Lindisfarne and “Fog on the Tyne””

  1. Did you post this before? Seems familiar. I love the old family pictures, it’s so great to have those. Also love the song. BTW, I am a big fan of the English Premier League (broadcast regularly in America) and Newcastle United are one of my favorite teams!

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    1. Yes, sorry for confusing but I decided to reinstate some older posts that I had taken down. I think you commented on this one last time but didn’t mention back then that Newcastle United were one of your teams. Wouldn’t have expected that – Any special reason I wonder?

      Because of all this flurry of activity it means I have now published 200 posts. It only took 10 months to make it to 100 but has taken another 17 months to make it to 200 posts – I’m slowing down, and think I need a break for a little while, but will still look out for other blogger’s new posts. Saw your Todd Rundgren one but other than knowing that he wrote Love Is The Answer recorded by England Dan and John Ford Coley, he is an unknown entity to me I’m afraid!

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