A Cautionary Tale, Lindisfarne and Fog on the Tyne

Some of you who visit this place know that I have been having a few technical issues of late which has hampered my usual blogging activities. I am sure that unlike me, all my blogging buddies are also highly skilled computer engineers (?!) who can fix any problem that might arise, but in case you’re not, here’s an idea – Don’t combine business and pleasure on the same machine!

Mr WIAA suggested last June that it might a good idea to replace my old workhorse PC with a brand new one (mainly because I kept borrowing his laptop) – After the initial transfer of data was complete all seemed to be going well but in the last three months something has gone so horribly wrong with the innards of the beast that it has had to be reset to factory settings twice. It seems that trying to run a business but also write a blog on the same machine was a very big mistake. Windows 10 can be a bit of a nightmare it seems and it certainly has caused me all sorts of problems.

pcAnd so, yet again, I am trying to restore 15 years’ worth of our business data back onto my PC and although it is apparently in a virtual “cloud” somewhere, it must be so high up in the stratosphere that at the moment it can’t easily be located. The amazing thing however is that all sorts of things I had totally forgotten about are descending from the skies and as I have temporarily lost my zest for writing due to the technical issues (“ma heid’s mince” as we say in Scotland), this post will be in pictorial form as it very smoothly follows on from my last one which featured the song Misty by Ray Stevens. Back then, C from the wonderful Sun Dried Sparrows blog, mentioned in the comments boxes that Misty immediately made her think of the song Fog on the Tyne by Lindisfarne. Guess what descended from the cloud this afternoon? – The contents of my late father-in-law’s Digi frame which we must have saved onto the computer after he passed away. No long wordy post therefore, just the pics that tell the story of a young man from Newcastle-upon-Tyne who somehow made his way up to the Highlands of Scotland and whose son I ended up marrying!

The River Tyne and the Tyne Bridge
A young man who in the 1940s finds himself a job in an office overlooking the Tyne, right in the centre of Newcastle
That same young man has a passion for climbing and heads off on holiday to the Isle of Skye where he meets a lovely young art student from Birmingham
The young couple fall in love and marry a few years later
Their love for the Highlands of Scotland means that they move up there to live and have three children who are all given very Scottish names, the youngest of whom becomes Mr WIAA
They have a long and happy life together but by 2015 both have passed on, leaving three happily married children and three grandchildren
And so it turns out that my daughter is one quarter Geordie – This one is for her therefore, Fog on the Tyne by Lindisfarne from their 1971 album of the same name

Fog on the Tyne by Lindisfarne:

Lindisfarne were a folk-rock hybrid formed in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne of 1969 and were named after the historic Holy Island of Lindisfarne off the Northumbrian coast. The lyrics to their songs blended “wistful sensitivity, social sentiments and boozy revelry”. Fog on the Tyne was the biggest selling album by a British band in 1971.

Lindisfarne in 1971

Fog on the Tyne Lyrics
(Song by Alan Hull)

Sittin’ in a sleazy snack-bar
Suckin’, sickly sausage rolls
Slippin’ down slowly, slippin’ down sideways
Think I’ll sign off the dole

Because the fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine

Could a copper catch a crooked coffin maker
Could a copper comprehend
That a crooked coffin maker is just an undertaker
Who undertakes to be a friend?

And the fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine

Tell it to tomorrow, today will take it’s time
To tell you what tonight will bring
Presently we’ll have a pint or two together
Everybody do their thing

We can swing together, we can have a wee wee
We can have a wet on the wall
If someone slips a whisper that its simple sister
Slapped them down and slavered on their smalls

‘Cause the fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine
The fog on the Tyne is all mine

Author: Alyson

Whenever I hear an old song on the radio, I am immediately transported back to those days - I know I'm not alone here and want to record those memories for myself and for the people in them. 50 years ago the song "Alfie" was recorded for the film of the same name and I'm hoping that by writing this blog, I might finally work out the answer to his question, "What's it all about?"

13 thoughts on “A Cautionary Tale, Lindisfarne and Fog on the Tyne”

  1. Oh, that’s terrible about your data, but I love the pictures and story, as well as Lindisfarne. I have not entrusted anything to the “cloud” but then again I don’t have a business so my data needs are not so big. Good luck! Rick

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    1. Thanks for the sympathy – I am starting to get there in retrieving it all again but always such a big job. Glad you enjoyed the pictures and story – A post like this only takes about an hour to do as opposed to some of my heavily researched ones that can take days so perhaps the way to go in the short term until I find my mojo again!


  2. This beautiful post, reminiscent somewhat of Stephen Poliakoff’s ‘Shooting the Past’, illustrates why you can never ever leave us Alyson. A well chosen and very moving set of photos – thank you for sharing them. What a fine couple.
    As I’ve mentioned before, I can feel your technological pain, having lost forever a couple of terabytes worth of music and photos when an external hard-drive blew up a while back.

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    1. Thanks very much – Didn’t know about Shooting the Past but having just looked it up I can see what you mean.

      As for the data I cannot believe you lost just so much in one fell swoop – Devastating. My data is not so much lost forever as just lost and it’s going to take ages to get it back on the machine again. The whole cloud idea is a good one but I’m just not sufficiently proficient at all this stuff to navigate it all – Will get the daughter’s very techie friends to help I think.

      As for calling time on Alfie I was seriously thinking about it as it took up all of my free time last year (and some time I should have been sleeping) – Having just seen our Chain host’s post however it seems I am not alone in having these January blues. Hit a bit of a brick wall after 1 year and 3 days but a lot to do with the fact the technology failed me and I had been writing posts that needed an awful lot of hours of research to put together. Like Jez, on top of a job, hubby’s business, house chores and caring duties it was all getting a bit too much but think I just need to get back to basics and not get too wordy. The above post is a case in point – very quick to put together but quite poignant and interesting, and links up well with the song choice. Way to go for 2017 I think?


  3. Excellent photos and choice of song Alyson – glad you gave Gazza a miss.

    I sometimes worry about losing my digital stuff but not as much as the physical stuff as I feel it is more disposable and more easily replaceable.

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    1. Yes I’d rather not think about the Gazza version!

      As for the digital stuff you are right, it is more easily replaceable but always takes just so much time. The worst thing would be a house fire or something where all the physical stuff is lost – I have archive boxes in the loft with photos/papers belonging to 3 generations of my family and that would be a big loss, likewise with special albums and books. Hope you’ve got a really good set of smoke alarms and sprinkler systems at your place!


  4. Such a lovely, touching post and really charming photos. So glad you were still able to do this. You say it was a shorter, easier post for you to write but I want to assure you it was just as rewarding and interesting for us to read so please don’t feel you have to have any self-imposed rules on length or content – whatever, it’s all good!
    I too am glad you didn’t mention Gazza. I had totally forgotten about that one. I just remember seeing Lindisfarne on TV, was it ToTP or OGWT, I can’t remember, but looking very hairy and windswept and very 1971 and with those lyrics and that accent it was just so memorable to me at 8 years old! (And thank you for the mention)
    Wishing you all the best with your continued efforts to get things back on track technologically and in the meantime always very happy to see anything you post, no need to put any pressure on yourself, I’m sure I speak for everyone who comes here when I say we understand!

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    1. I’m just so glad those photos popped up when they did as they tied in so well with your suggestion to write about Fog on the Tyne. At the moment I don’t think I have the mental strength to write a long well-researched post (although when I’m on form I do like doing those) but these are so easy to put together so might be a way of keeping up the routine of posting until I have a bit more time again. As for Lindisfarne I don’t know if you got right down to the Postscript at the bottom (added today) but I included a photo of the band from 1971 and as you say, very hairy. If you were only 8 when you first saw them it was probably TOTP as if I remember correctly OGWT was on quite late – Or, maybe you had more fluid bedtimes than I did at that age!


      1. Good point re. OGWT being on late – no, I wouldn’t have seen it then! Just looked it up but couldn’t find any note of them performing this on ToTP so think I probably saw them do Meet Me On The Corner on ToTP and have since confused it with watching other footage of Fog On The Tyne… My memories are probably all mixed up – still vividly hairy though! 🙂

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    1. Thanks – think the composition is just an accident really but I see what you mean. Here’s the thing, realised today that posts don’t necessarily have to have lots of words as “every picture tells a story” (also a Rod Stewart album if I remember correctly, when he was still good) so Alfie might live to fight another day! Apologies if I’ve not been over to your place today but like Jez, and all of us I suspect, I’m struggling for time at the moment – Will settle down soon hopefully.


  5. Hi again Alyson. I’ve actually been happy with my HP Pavillion, which I assume from the picture above you own as well. I’ve got an Intel Core i7 with Windows 7 which I’ve used for 6 years and it still works fine. My parents have an HP Pavillion Intel Core i5 (also 6 years old), but have had a problem with the screen freezing when Windows 7 starts, which they now deal with daily by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and then press Skype (or any program) in the Task Manager to get it going. That helps. After that they can press the icons and Start on the screen. They also thought they had lost everything on the computer but we managed to transfer it all onto an external device (by following that procedure).
    In the Control Panel I turned down to 80% power and that means the fan blower is not becoming overheated and making a noise, so that’s a nice change. I can’t promise I can assist, as I don’t have access to your screen, but if you have any questions about HP Pavillion I’d be glad to help out.


    1. Gosh Chris – Thanks very much for trying to help me out in my hour of need. To be honest I think the machine is fine as long as I don’t use it for iTunes as that has been where the problem arises – Windows 10 and iTunes don’t like each other very much apparently and both times it has had to be reset it has been down to a software issue caused by that app/programme whatever its called. I’m gradually getting back to normal and it has been a great chance to do a bit of housekeeping actually so not all bad news. I actually just wanted to insert a pic of a generic desktop and not specifically HP Pavilion so a bit naughty of me and might have to change it. If I get stuck again however I might be back in touch!

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