Another Lunar Foible, Wings and “C Moon”

Since discovering that all full moons have a name (given to them by the Native Americans who kept track of the months by the lunar calendar), I have written about each one as they appear in our skies. To accompany the post I always include one of the numerous songs that have been written about the moon and its many foibles.

Well, I really need to get back onto safer blogging territory where I don’t bare my soul in public and fortunately for me there is to be a full moon in our skies on Monday night. Regulars around here will know that I wrote about every full moon for a whole calendar year (and more) but then put the series into retirement when I thought I had exhausted my list of moon-related songs, and could find no new snippets of information about the moon that had not yet been shared. I was however wrong.

Harvest Moon Rising

Last month I shared a second Harvest Moon song as the Harvest Moon, I erroneously thought, was the only one that could occur in either one of two months (September or October), it being the name given to the full moon that lands closest to the autumnal equinox. Interestingly, the Hunter’s Moon is not tied to a specific month either. The Hunter’s Moon is the name of the full moon that lands directly after the Harvest Moon, which means it may occur in either October or November. The way things have worked out, Monday night’s sky will therefore showcase a Hunter’s Moon as opposed to the alternate used for the month of October, the Travel Moon, Sanguine Moon or Dying Grass Moon.


As for a song choice, here is one that also missed the cut first time around, but because of all the hoopla of late relating to the anniversary of the release of the last Beatles studio album Abbey Road, perhaps time to share something by Sir Paul McCartney. The song C Moon by Wings was released in 1972 as the B-side to Hi Hi Hi which ended up being banned in Britain. As a result C Moon got all the airplay which meant it reached No. 5 in the UK Singles Chart. Paul explained that the song’s title is the opposite of the ’60s expression L-7, meaning a square or an unhip person. A C Moon forms a circle, which is said be cool.

C Moon by Wings:

As for the band Wings, although they never graced the walls of my bedroom in the early ’70s, they were a staple of my teenage years, and I loved pretty much everything they released. The album Band On The Run remains one of my all-time favourites. I had been too young for Beatlemania, but right at the time I was spending most of my free time listening to music, along came Wings, and from the Lennon & McCartney songwriting partnership I was always fondest of the McCartney-led songs anyway (although I only realised that in later life).

I imagine everyone who wanted to, has seen it by now, but I do love the edition of Carpool Karaoke that starred Sir Paul. He may have written a song about people who were “cool” in 1972 but now he is the one who sometimes comes across as a bit “uncool”. He is aged 77 however, and a legend, so I will give him a pass. If you watch until 16:00 you will see the surprise on those pub-goers faces when the curtains pull back – What a day they must have had.

Look out for that full moon on Monday night.

Until next time….

C Moon Lyrics
(Song by Paul McCartney/Linda McCartney)

C moon, C moon, C moon is she
C moon, C moon, C moon to me

How come no one older than me
Ever seems to understand the things I want to do
It will be L7 and I’d never get to heaven
If I filled my head with glue
What’s it all to you

C moon, C moon, C moon is she
C moon, C moon, C moon to me

Bobby lived with Patty
But they never told her daddy
What their love was all about
She could tell her lover that he thought
But she never was the type to let it out
What’s it all about

C moon, C moon, oh C moon are we
C moon, C moon, C moon are we

Author: Alyson

Whenever I hear an old song on the radio, I am immediately transported back to those days. I know I'm not alone here and want to record those memories for myself and for the people in them. 57 years ago the song "Alfie" was written by my favourite songwriting team, Bacharach and David. The opening line to that song was, "What's it all about?" and I'm hoping by writing this blog, I might find the answer to that question.

20 thoughts on “Another Lunar Foible, Wings and “C Moon””

  1. I’m hoping the skies will be clear enough tomorrow to properly enjoy the full moon but we’re having endless damp, grey cloud and rain here at the moment… (and it’s so dark during the day it’s hard to feel motivated!)
    That pic sleeve of Hi Hi Hi was a really memory-jogger – my mum bought it at the time and I can remember coming home from school and it being played a lot in the house (both sides) – she would only have been in her early forties so I can understand more now why it appealed. Of course I had no idea what all the fuss about Hi Hi Hi was at the time and because I just picked up on there being something naughty about it in general I got the wrong end of the stick completely and thought that it must be C Moon that was ‘rude’ and probably about bare bottoms or something….


    1. A beautiful (almost) full moon here last night but a bit obscured tonight. Will hopefully catch it in all it’s glory tomorrow.
      As for the song, I’m still not sure if I believe that story about C Moon being the opposite of L-7 – Could be that it was the side of the record that should have been banned but was a kind of elaborate double bluff to get AirPlay, Funny how all these years later you still remember the sleeve but they seem to be imprinted in our brains. Your mum definitely had cooler music purchases than mine would have had at the same time. Doubt if I’ll be sharing Val Doonican songs around here anytime soon! (Although I’m sure someone did not that long ago – and why not?)


  2. C Moon was, is, and always will be, my favourite Wings tune. It’s nearly as good as Vanilla Sky. Nearly. Vanilla Sky is probably the best thing McCartney ever did after leaving the Beatles. IMHO.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gosh, that’s a surprise as until I looked into to it a bit more for this series and listened to it again properly, it was one of their early ’70s songs that kind of passed me by. Like that little bit of improv. at the beginning. Looks as if I’m going to have to revisit Vanilla Sky too!


  3. We in the States never heard much of “C Moon” as “Hi,Hi,Hi” wasn’t banned here. Good one. Did you see the “Hunter Moon” last night, it was a big one right over our house!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a tame song to ban. As Paul said at the time, Bob Dylan wrote a song called Everbody Must Get Stoned and that didn’t cause a problems so weird that Hi, Hi , Hi caused so much upset.

      As for the moon, cloud cover tonight and a bit obscured last night but it looked pretty spectacular on Saturday night (when almost full) so I don’t feel as if I’ve missed out this time.

      Thanks for dropping by – Did you ever find an artist for your novel? Rol and Rob have just sent out their “comic” via Kickstarter and it looks great.


    1. Only my personal opinion, but the thumbs aloft stance can get a bit wearing. A legend though, so in his late seventies he can do whatever he wants with his thumbs!


    1. Very funny – just had another watch of that scene. What’s your favourite Beatles album? “Tough one, would probably have to be The Best of the Beatles”.

      “Maybe I’m Amazed” at how many people seem to have warmed to C Moon but it kind of passed me by at the time. Still remembered it all these years later however for my moon series, so must have made some impact.


  4. We got really lucky with that Hunter’s Moon here in the Pacific Northwest. The entire family went out for a look. There were clouds around the moon but not in front of it. The glow hitting the clouds is actually what made it so spectacular. Hi Hi Hi cracked the top 10 in America, but C Moon was the superior side of this single.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I’ve really enjoyed The Hunter’s Moon over the last few nights. Since I started this series and have learnt so much more about the moon and its foibles, I’ve been really enjoying the (lunar) monthly spectacle in the sky. We used to take my daughter out into the garden when she was really young to look at the stars and the moon (to keep her awake until bedtime!) but didn’t know any of the info about it – Should have done my research back then.

      The powers-that-be were obviously a bit more open-minded about Hi Hi Hi in the US then – Just seems so tame to our ears nowadays.


  5. Two songs that are frequently partially “sung” and partially whistled whilst I walk the dogs are Junior’s Farm and C-Moon. Even more ridiculously, I substiture “junior” with the name of one of the dogs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Here I was thinking that no-one would remember the song C Moon so didn’t include it in my series first time around – Sounds as if it’s about all you guys listen to/whistle.


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