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Last time I included another of the little films I made a couple of years ago around the time of the Spring Equinox. It featured the Mark Knopfler instrumental Going Home from the film Local Hero and regular commenter Lynchie jumped in and regaled us with his tale of having been the first journalist to meet with David Puttnam and Bill Forsyth to hear about their planned production (link here). The village of Pennan on the Aberdeenshire coast had been chosen as the setting for the fictitious village of Ferness which was to be the site for a new oil refinery. The hot-shot executive sent to close the deal gradually adapts to the slower-paced life however and gets to know the eccentric residents. As time goes by he becomes conflicted, as he knows the deal will mark the end of the quaint little village he has come to love. Unbeknownst to him however, the villagers are tired of their hard life and are more than eager to sell, although they feign indifference to induce a larger offer. This all leads to some great comedic moments.

A couple of years ago we decided to take an Australian visitor along the coast to visit Pennan and I managed to get my picture taken outside the iconic red telephone box. I’m pretty sure everyone must do that but only if they successfully navigate the steep single track road down into the village. At one point we had to reverse backwards up the hill to let someone past and I was pretty alarmed by the burning smell coming from under the bonnet. Anyway, the car survived, and we had a really pleasant afternoon in a village that feels as if time forgot.

I only have one other piece of music on this device by Mark Knopfler and it’s called If This Is Goodbye, a duet he recorded with Emmylou Harris. Very beautiful but not the most positive of sounding songs, so to end this post I’ll just share another clip of Mr Knopfler playing a different version of his instrumental from the film.

Until next time….  Take care and keep well.

Author: Alyson

Whenever I hear an old song on the radio, I am immediately transported back to those days. I know I'm not alone here and want to record those memories for myself and for the people in them. 57 years ago the song "Alfie" was written by my favourite songwriting team, Bacharach and David. The opening line to that song was, "What's it all about?" and I'm hoping by writing this blog, I might find the answer to that question.

23 thoughts on “More Local Hero-Related Pictures and Music”

  1. Went to Pennan when we were holidaying nearby.
    Think the pub is closed now?
    Have also been to the beach featured in Morar on the other side of the country.
    Local Hero is Mrs CC’s favourite film and we watched it again recently.
    Shout out for That Sinking Feeling

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    1. You’ve been everywhere CC – I hope these holidays you were used to aren’t now going to be a thing of the past. Shout out for a nice wee house in my neck of the woods which I fear may now be empty for the foreseeable. My daughter is down in your neck of the woods now with no job as they were quick to shed their staff – Wish I could have her home.

      That Sinking Feeling is lesser known but a great wee film.


      1. Yes think we’ve now mentioned the top four films made by Bill in the late ’70s/early 80s – Everyone will have a different ranking in terms of their favourite but for me it’s still Gregory’s Girl as it just reminds me of my own schooldays so much.


  2. Thanks for the great pics and great cinematic memories. Can’t believe you got to the very same phone booth as in the move. I’ll have to re-watch Local Hero and Gregory’s Girl soon, two great movies.

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    1. Every little village had a red telephone box and most are still there (although not necessarily operational). That picture was taken on a lovely Spring day a couple of Easters ago. I have a feeling this Easter is going to be very different.

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  3. I must revisit the film now I know so much more about it (long time ago since I watched it and it had gone out of my consciousness). The setting looks gorgeous and I’ll take more notice now too. And that’s such a lovely photo of you; ah, carefree days – what are they?!

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    1. After all this is over you’re going to have to make a trip north and I’ll take you to see the village of Pennan. In future I’m going to park at the top of the cliffs though and walk down as it was a hairy experience navigating the steep road down into the village (although I’m sure the locals get used to it). Wish I could just enjoy all this downtime by watching old films but I can’t seem to concentrate on anything at the moment. I wish I could switch off that part of my brain that maps out possible future scenarios, as although many are good (cleaner air, fish back in the rivers), some really not so good. As George sang, I Gotta Have Faith.


  4. Thanks for the reminder that I need to see Local Hero. I know it’s already been suggested but I must add it to my movie queue. Hopefully it’s on one of the streaming services. Also, did you really share a photo of yourself? You’re really coming out of your shell, at a time when everyone is social distancing. 😛 Thanks for sharing. Sending good wishes to you & your loved ones.

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    1. As a spiritual Scot you really should, but a lot of movie suggestions now backing up for everyone I think.

      Yes, it took a global pandemic but I’ve decided to come out of my shell – I have shared the odd picture around here before but never stays up for long. Don’t think it’s really the time for being shy and adheres to the social distancing rules. Good wishes being sent to you and your family across the pond.


  5. Ah, Alyson, these photos really warm the cockles of my heart. I, too, love Local Hero and Gregory’s Girl. When I was in Scotland in 2012 I picked up DVD copies of both movies to replace my worn out video cassettes. Be well.

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    1. It was a lovely day and although we were on our way somewhere else (to see the very first lighthouse built on mainland Britain – built by Robert Louis Stevenson’s grandfather and father, a family of engineers), it was a no-brainer that we would also pay the village of Pennan a visit too. Local Hero was made nearly 40 years ago now (?!) but so many of us still remember the various scenes well and of course so many young Scottish actors in it went on to have long careers (Dennis Lawson, Peter Capaldi, John Gordon Sinclair et al).

      Hope you and the family keep well too.


  6. I think I may already have told you, but Comfort & Joy is my BF favourite. Bill Paterson can do no wrong in my book. I watch it every Christmas and never fail to be uplifted by it.
    Did a moped go by while you were having your photo taken?

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    1. Ha ha – No mopeds 🏍 but wouldn’t that have been a head-turner.

      A lot of respect out there for Comfort and Joy but for me, it will always be the story of gangly Gregory and his crush on the dismissive Dorothy. Thank goodness for Claire Grogan.


  7. Lovely photos, Alyson. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Comfort & Joy. Will have to rectify that. My first serious stab at a novel was called Delicate & Fragile. I don’t think my university lecturer liked it that much.

    I miss red phone boxes.

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    1. Because I can’t, I find myself really wanting to go out for a drive, taking pictures of all the red telephone boxes still in situ in our area. Who knew that you could hanker after such simple pleasures to such an extent. I just hope that when the lockdown is relaxed (and surely it has to at some point) we will remember to appreciate the little things so much more. Then again we all seem to have adapted to “the new normal” at lightening speed so perhaps we will return to our old ways just as quickly – I’m hoping not and can’t see how we now can.


  8. I love that film and have watched it countless times on DVD. But I prefer Gregory’s Girl too and have watched that countless + times. Both have a real peace about them as well as being very funny. Nice pic with the phone box.

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    1. Yes the consensus seems to be that Bill made some fine films that many of us of a certain age hold very close to our hearts. Looking forward to the day I can have a drive along the coast again to visit such places – What a treat and hope I never take such jaunts for granted again.


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