The Wee Small Hours, Randy Crawford and a “Rainy Night In Georgia”

Having a bit of a break from writing my long (sometimes too long) posts, so here is what I’m listening to in the wee small hours of Sunday morning – Of late, this has become my favourite time of the week. Everyone else has gone to bed so I have the house to myself and can read, write, catalogue (yes really) and listen to whatever takes my fancy. Of course the next morning I suffer for such “night owl-ish” behaviour but still worth it for the feeling of having done something slightly irresponsible, but yet highly enjoyable – Another guilty pleasure which is a phrase that crops up a lot around these parts, but usually in relation to song choices (of an easy-listening persuasion).


This soulful song, Rainy Night In Georgia, was written by Tony Joe White who had moved  from Louisiana to Marietta, Georgia after leaving high school, to live with his sister. He wrote this song based on his experiences of driving a truck for the highway department. When it rained he didn’t have to go to work so he stayed home, played his guitar and simply “hungout”, all night. The song is an ode to loneliness, as it finds the narrator outside in the rain with nowhere to go and with no-one to love them.

Rainy Night In Georgia by Randy Crawford:

This song was of course first popularised by Brook Benton in 1970 but my favourite version is by Randy Crawford – It reminds me of a time in the mid ’80s when all my friends’ relationships were crumbling, never to recover. Long evenings were spent listening to Randy’s dulcet tones on her 1981 Secret Combination album, this song being my favourite. Thirty years on and the same thing seems to be happening at the moment amongst my daughter’s friendship groups. A lot of relationships that have survived since schooldays are crumbling, and there has been a flurry of activity tonight with cars coming and going trying to work out how best to support the latest “victim”. They will survive, but not in that triumphant Gloria Gaynor way, but because they are young and time is a great healer.


As for me, I’ll stay up for a while yet in case I am needed. I probably won’t share this song with them but boy does it remind me of what they are going through. Not too keen on this getting older malarkey, but being young isn’t always easy either, on this ironically, very rainy night… in the Scottish Highlands.

Rainy Night In Georgia Lyrics
(Song by Tony Joe White)

Hovering by my suitcase
Trying to find a warm place
To spend the night
Heavy rains are falling
Seems I hear your voice calling

A rainy night in georgia
A rainy night in georgia
I believe that it’s raining all over the world
I feel that it’s raining all over the world

Neon signs are flashing
Taxis, cabs and buses passing
Through the night
A distant moment of the train
Seems to play a sad refrain
To the night

A rainy night in Georgia
Such a rainy night in Georgia
I believe that it’s raining all over the world
I feel like it’s raining all over the world

How many times I’ve wondered
It still comes out the same
No matter how you look at it often
It’s life and we’ve just got to play the game

I shake the rain from my sweater
Take out your letters to pass some time
Late at night when its hard to rest
I hold your pictures to my breast
And I feel fine, fine

It’s a rainy night in Georgia
Such a rainy night in Georgia
I feel that it’s raining all over the world
Lord I feel like it’s raining all over the world

Rainy night
Such a rainy night

It still comes out the same